2020 East Zone Junior/Senior Championship

Congratulations to our Senior Combo winning the silver medal  in the East Zone Championship in New Canaan CT this past weekend.  We are so proud of our swimmers’ great performances and sportsmanship demonstrated.  They achieved their goals and qualified every single routine for Nationals to be held in Mesa Arizona.  Come watch our award-winning routines in our 2020 annual show “Light It Up.”  You can buy tickets here.

Optima Synchro Results:

Combo: Silver Noelle Lee (Bedford), Yanna Hack (Belmont), Anjali Tanna, Julia Paradis (North Andover), Polina Malinovskaya (Andover),  Aisling Stack (Andover), Annalese Moore,  Bonnie Li (Concord), Emma Diamantis (Andover), Xavia Banigan (North Reading), and Kaitlin MacDonald (Andover)

Senior Duet Free: Silver Polina Malinovskaya & Julia Paradis, 5th Kaitlin MacDonald & Annalese Moore

Senior Duet Technical: Bronze Kaitlin MacDonald & Annalese Moore

Senior Solo Free & Technical: 4th Anjali Tanna

Junior Duet: Bronze Polina Malinovskaya & Julia Paradis

Junior Solo: 4th Polina Malinovskaya; 6th Julia Paradis