Support Lindi’s Journey to the 2020 Olympics

Please support Lindi’s journey to the 2020 Olympics by checking out this fundraiser in Facebook.  Your donation benefits USA Synchro, as Lindi and her team members work hard everyday in order to qualify for the 2020 Olympics.

Lindi Shroeder is an Optima alumni and she has been training under Head Coach Svetlana since 2007. The pair of them have traveled all over the country and the world : Puerto Rico( twice), Italy, Russia, Israel, Calgary. Svetlana has coached Lindi on to being on two 11-12 National Teams, three 13-15 National Teams (two of those teams Svetlana was a coach at, once assistant and once head coach, and then figure consultant for Junior Worlds and solo and figure coach at Comen Cup), two Junior National Teams and two Senior National Teams. For most of these teams Svetlana and Lindi attended two trials for every year. Lindi’s first National Team was in 2012.

Under Svetlana’s leadership and coaching, Lindi has achieved outstanding results in many synchronized swimming competitions.  Since 2011, she has qualified to all national competitions and competed in the finals of all events.  She only did not attend in 2017 because of her national team commitments. Now Lindi is on her next quest in the fantastic world of synchronized swimming.  Please support her and her team and consider making a donation.