Optima Synchro’s Novice Swimmers Shine in 2019 Figure Invitational

Every year the figure invitational in November is when the team starts gearing up for the new season.  This year it also marked the debut of our newest novice swimmers who competed for the very first time. They were all smiles when they stepped up to receive their awards, knowing their hard-work for the past few short months paid off.  Way to go swimmers!

Optima Synchro Results:

Novice 8&Under: 1st Abigail Zarayski (Andover), 2nd Peiwen Cui (Newton), 5th Sophie Diamantis (Andover)

Novice 9-10: 1st Meryl Chen (Andover)

Intermediate 10&Under: 2nd Sasha Kirianov (Andover), 3rd Nadia Lee (Bedford), 7th Nishi Amin (North Andover)

Intermediate 11-12: 4th Riya Patel (North Andover)

Age Group 12&Under: 6th Natalie Taylor (Andover)

Age Group 13-15: 2nd Bonnie Li (Concord), 6th Aisling Stack (Andover)

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